About Us

GPS 027 GPS 022 GPS 020 GPS 028 GPS 036 Hattie plane 1 Hattie Seafront Hattie station Hattie sun 2 Plane Alex1 GPS 001 GPS 008 GPS 017

Production Shots

Oswald Dumper Goes Metal Detecting

GPS 026

Discussing the next shot, Alan (Oswald) talking to Director Calum

Andrew, with the trusty Canon XL1, getting the footage, as Alan heads towards the beach

Further discussions

The cast and crew, well most of them! Philip, Alan, Calum and Andrew


Calum amongst the bushes at the old cottege

Claire at the window of the old cottage

Andrew adjusting the crane for the 'walk down the garden shot'.

Discussing the next shot, using the Canon XL1 and smaller XM1

Claire boldly striding down the garden

Hattie on Herne Bay seafront

My Perfect Day

Hattie bravely stepping into the very old biplane

Alex's Porsche at Ramsgate harbour

Hattie at the Bluebell railway. We covered quite a few miles in the making of this film!

The object of the club is to promote short film making in the Herne Bay area by encouraging potential film makers, actors, script writers, directors etc.  At the moment we meet whenever we can at the Little Theatre, at Bullers Avenue, Herne Bay where we discuss ideas and possible productions.  


There is no fixed date for our meetings as we have to fit in with the clubs theatre rehersals and productions.


Most of our planned films are away from the club and are shot in and around the town and local countryside.